BETVAR a.s. is a Czech construction company with a long tradition which executes construction contracts on the domestic and foreign markets.


The company is based in Jesenice u Prahy, a production, assembly and warehouse area of 7,000 m2 owns in eastern Bohemia.  The company is equipped with latest technology. The machinery park includes trucks, service cars, high pressure pumps, lifting mobile machines, small loaders, etc., and complete implementation technology including large-format formwork technology. Mobile cells for site facilities are also owned by the company.

There are more than 80 employees, of which about half are technicians. They are mostly highly qualified workers with years of experience in the field and many years of experience at BETVAR a.s. The number of employees is seasonally multiplied by temporary workers, most often from the place of construction.

The range and amount of our works ranks our company among the largest domestic companies in the field of concrete structures remediation.

Its key and long-term clients are the most important investors in the field of conventional and nuclear energy, chemical industry, water engineering and transport (e.g. ČEZ, as, Sev.en EC, as, Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. , Lovochemie a.s., Mondi Štětí, a.s. etc.).

The company cooperates with the largest construction companies in the country (EUROVIA CS, HOCHTIEF, Metrostav, SMP, STAVOS BRNO, a.s. and others).

The company is a member of the Association for Remediation of Concrete Structures, closely cooperates with the university workplaces in Prague and Brno and with specialized designing companies.

Company History

The company history dates back to 1990. The company, owned exclusively by Czech entities, specializes mainly in general repairs, modernization and intensification of all types of cooling towers, i.e. both forced draft (fan-assisted) and natural draft.


Our long-term experience with reinforced concrete constructions is also applied in the area of remediation and construction of other types of reinforced concrete structures (in particular bridges, skeletons, collectors, silos, dams and waterworks, chimneys, reservoirs, tanks, wastewater treatment plant, etc.). The bulk of these works is carried out at heights up to 150 meters.

For the railway construction segment investors, the company carries out all bridge buildings, culverts and subways remediation, especially on the Czech Railways speed corridors, including low-pressure and high-pressure grouting and other construction works.


With regard to the company’s efforts to provide its clients with the widest possible range of solutions to their needs in the field of construction and reconstruction of industrial buildings,  is our company able to provide further specialization through its subsidiary company MAKROTHERM s.r.o.

  • * Arc skylights, especially the protected MAKROTHERM constructional system, manufacture, delivery and assembly;


The BETVAR a.s. company history, owned exclusively by Czech entities, dates back to 1990 (on October 23rd, 1990 BETVAR spol. s.r.o. company was founded).

BETVAR a.s.    IN 63080087, TIN CZ63080087
Bank Account Details

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a. s.
Account No.: 2107461738/2700

Bank Account Details

ČSOB, a. s.
Account No.: 270499032/0300

Board of Directors Members and Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director:
Ing. Vladimír Valeš, Ph.D.
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors:
Ing. Zdeněk Pánek, MBA
Supervisory Board:
Karel Doubek


BETVAR a. s. company is fully insured at Kooperativa a. s., where it is ranked in the category of large companies.
Liability for damages is set at up to CZK 120 million. This type of contract is provided to risk-free clients from the insurer’s point of view.

The performance and execution warranties are provided according to the character of the work from 36 to 60 months. The BETVAR a.s. company is able to provide these guarantees thanks to the consistent quality control both by own staff and by the agreement with the customer by independent organizations such as the Klokner Institute of ČVUT, specialized workplaces
VUT Brno, ORGREZ, EGU, etc. These organizations, if necessary, provide a professional construction and technical survey of repaired objects.